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Killer Kao

A screenshot of my code editor as well as the browser preview of my project Killer Kao.

Initial Design

I wanted to create a different take on the classic "Rock-Paper-Scissors" JavaScript project by using Kaomojis (the predecessor to our current, beloved emojis!)

Here are some wireframes I initially created via Sketch:

(I was very much inspired by fighting games: Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, etc.)


After I created the first iteration, I had friends and family test it out-- especially on mobile-- and was open to any and all feedback!

This is from my older brother:
One of my close friends' friend had feedback for me!

Even Shen (Shen Comix) took the time to try out my app!

I was even sent screenshots of when the Kaomoji would break:

Postmortem lessons

This was definitely a fun project, not just created by me, but by those in my community. I think I should have opened up feedback to a wider set of people, especially those who are fighting game enthusiasts.
If I had the time, I would have implemented the choice to play as either a human or bear and made the kaomoji SVGs instead of the traditional text-made artistry to make it more accessible.

If I had the tech savvy, I would have made it a two-player game instead of one-player against a random number generator.

Here are the links again if you want to try out this project!
Live Demo

GitHub Repo